Bitcoin Fees

Today I created an account on the Crypto Exchange called binance. When transferring my funds from coinbase I had to pay a fee of €12,05. This is a massive amount which is caused by the massive price increases in bitcoin the last couple of years. This demonstrates for me that instead of being an acceptable replacement for dollars or euros it’s a speculative currency which has no solid or real value.


Monetizing Telegram using Cryptocurrencies

Telegram recently announced they are going to use a new Cryptocurrency in their App called TON (Telegram Open Network). While also noting that the development team is going to keep “at least 52 percent” of the number of coins.

This is almost the same as the parent company of the coin Ripple, Ripple Labs Inc. that owns 60% of the coins.

While there are lots of upsides and fascinating things about blockchain these schemes are certainly not what it was intended for.

Now starting an ICO is just another way of making fast-money instead of creating revolutionary new businesses.