The Power of the Pen

I love this post by Adam Grant.

I’ve recently started writing more, and it has certainly helped me get more clarity and improved my thinking process.

About visionaries from the article: “Along with preserving a record of their ideas and experiences, journaling might have helped them make sense of stressful experiences, focus on their goals, and achieve success.”



Golden Kitty Awards 2017

Product Hunt has just announced the list of most awesome products of 2017. You can check them out here:

Some personal favorites of mine that made the list:, Earn money for replying to emails and completing tasks.

40+ Real Pitch Decks That Raised $1.4Bil

Discord, All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers

Firefox Quantum, The newest, fastest version of Firefox yet. 🔥🦊

And much more I just found out about…