Millions Live streaming on New Year’s Eve

Facebook reported that there were 10 million livestreams using Facebook Live on New Year’s Eve.

Not to be confused with lifestreaming which is the act of documenting and sharing aspects of one’s daily social experiences online.

There has been an upward trend of people streaming their lives in the IRL (In Real Life) directory on twitch, vlogging and livestreaming using applications such as Facebook Live or Periscope. This is an interesting concept which is only going to get bigger.

I like to think of a lifestreaming as today’s digital equivalent of Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks […] da Vinci ‘s recorded notes, drawing, questions and more in his notebooks. Some of these were quite mundane (grocery lists and doodles), others were not. But their body of work was overtime, a view of a one individual’s mind.

— Steve Rubel, Why Lifestream? To model Leonardo da Vinci diaries.