Monetizing Telegram using Cryptocurrencies

Telegram recently announced they are going to use a new Cryptocurrency in their App called TON (Telegram Open Network). While also noting that the development team is going to keep “at least 52 percent” of the number of coins.

This is almost the same as the parent company of the coin Ripple, Ripple Labs Inc. that owns 60% of the coins.

While there are lots of upsides and fascinating things about blockchain these schemes are certainly not what it was intended for.

Now starting an ICO is just another way of making fast-money instead of creating revolutionary new businesses.


The Downside of the MacBook Pro OLED Touch Bar

Today I started a song using iTunes and using the touch bar I tried to turn up the volume. Then the computer suddenly froze and the sound was at its loudest, without me being able to turn it down.

I’ve had the same happen quite a lot when using the new OLED touch bar, it suddenly freezes and I’m not able to change anything until it catches up. Although I like the app-specific actions on the Touch Bar I still prefer the old one with regular keys (at least for now).


The Pursuit of Opportunity

Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity beyond the resources you currently control. — Howard H. Stevenson


Merging disjointed ideas

“Most new ideas and new inventions are disjointed ideas merged” – Kevin Kelly, What Technology Wants


Will Smith Vlogs – Inspiring Stories

Will Smith recently joined Instagram and started vlogging. He has some interesting and inspiring stories to tell.



Millions Live streaming on New Year’s Eve

Facebook reported that there were 10 million livestreams using Facebook Live on New Year’s Eve.

Not to be confused with lifestreaming which is the act of documenting and sharing aspects of one’s daily social experiences online.

There has been an upward trend of people streaming their lives in the IRL (In Real Life) directory on twitch, vlogging and livestreaming using applications such as Facebook Live or Periscope. This is an interesting concept which is only going to get bigger.

I like to think of a lifestreaming as today’s digital equivalent of Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks […] da Vinci ‘s recorded notes, drawing, questions and more in his notebooks. Some of these were quite mundane (grocery lists and doodles), others were not. But their body of work was overtime, a view of a one individual’s mind.

— Steve Rubel, Why Lifestream? To model Leonardo da Vinci diaries.

Best 10-year Investments

CBInsights is using crowd-sourced answers to see what the public thinks is the best 10-year investment. It creates an interesting chart shown below.

You can vote here for the battle between Alibaba and Amazon.

Bracket of best companies to invest in


The attention economy

This is a subject I’ve been following for some time now.

Time Well Spent has createn a small film which explains the problem.




My year in books – 2017

Image of Year in BooksI have been using Goodreads for more than a year now to keep track of what I read. Every year they create a summary of all the books you’ve read.

You can find mine here:

These are some of the books I’ve enjoyed most this year: